These are pictures of our time of day use meter.

Date.  The meter reads 01/10/03 or January 10, 2003 Time display, 1:02 PM    
Total KWh use.  PG&E sets the meter at 50,000 KWH when first installed (so they can get a positive reading if you generate more than you use)  The meter reads 16 KWh use since installed. Peak usage. The meter reads that we have used 3KWh during peak time (noon to 6 pm)    
Instantaneous reading.  The display indicates 3.5 kilowatts.  The red arrow is pointing to the current direction.  If the black arrow is pointing to the left, I am generating more than I am using.  If it points to the right, I am using more than I am generating.  The reading says I am generating 3.5 kilowatts more than I am using.