Nancy's Zoo

Shasta is guarding the chickens from the evil squirrels.  He is a Great Pyrenees. 

Tom was the best cat so far, more like a dog than a cat.

Spike getting out of his bath.

Martha's turn for a bath.

Kimba as a kitten.

Tom and Kimba playing mountain lion next to one of the ponds.

Commando chicken, click on the picture for more, (only if you have high speed internet access, it is a large clip).

A treat for the chickens.

Nancy feeding Spike and Martha

Missy was adopted from the Humane Society.  She is a 10 year old collie that loves children.

We are fish sitting 6 Koi for a friend.  These are some of them as well as some of the gold fish.  Click on the picture to see a movie of the fish eating. Our larger pond hold 1,000 gallons.  There are about 20 large goldfish and 8 Koi.  there are also many baby gold fish. 
Linus is a leopard tortoise and was rescued from school where well meaning children fed him all the wrong foods. Martha lays eggs two to three times a year, each time she lays about 25 eggs.  You can see in the picture above that she digs a hole 15" deep in which to lay her eggs.
Snowflake was abandoned at a veterinarian's clinic.  She was supposed to be adopted, but Nancy fell in love with her and could not let her go. These are two week old African Pigmy hedgehogs.  They are temporary guests staying with Nancy.
My, how they grow up fast. She much more bold than her brother.
This is Adeline, she is so happy to show off her new shoes.  They were custom made for her so her feet could heal properly. After a week of wearing her shoes, Adeline got tired of the drab white laces and decided to spice them up with yellow laces.
Nancy is going to have to rename Adeline.  I think Paris Hilton is a better name considering she gets new shoes every week!